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CONTITECH air spring: Isolation vibration application, Air Actuator, inherent frequency 0.5Hz~3Hz, Load weight 50Kgs~32,000Kgs.
Air Motor - GLOBE
Air motor: Piston air motor, Vane air motor, Compact piston air motor.
Tightening Tools - FIAM ITALY
FIAM tools and air motor: air tools, electric tools, Automatic tightening system, air motor.
Silent Air Compressor - BAMBI UK
BAMBI Silent air compressor, Oil lubrication air compressor, Oil-free air compressor, Silent box air compressor.
Oil-free Silent Air Compressor - EKOM
EKOM oil-free silent air compressor, Long time continue work, Dental application, Medical application, Industry application.
Torque Limiter - ComInTec ITALY
ComInTec torque limiter, Friction torque limter,ball and roller torque limiter, coupling.
DC Air Compressor - XS-SACP
SACP DC air compressor: DC12/24V, Max flow@0.1bar 72L/min, Duty Cycle 100%.
Vacuum Generator - DRMC KOREA
DRMC vacuum generator, Multistage large flow, Vacuum filter. On request for Teflon and SS304,SS316 version.